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What Happens When You Have Been Refused Entry To USA From Canada?

What Happens When You Have Been Refused Entry To USA From Canada?There are many potential reasons why a person may be refused entry to the USA from Canada. While the legal descriptions are lengthy and complex, it is possible to apply in advance of your travel directly to Customs and Border Protection for a temporary waiver of inadmissibility. The US Entry waiver application can be a lengthy process, taking up to a year to complete and comes with a processing fee that must be paid regardless of the decision handed down on the application. However, if you have already been denied entry into the USA, the worst thing that you can do is panic. Arguing with customs officials will have a predictably poor outcome and attempting to re-enter the country at another border crossing can do more to hurt than help your cause. Denied admissions are updated in a centralized U.S. database and are accessible at every U.S port of entry, meaning that not only will you be denied entry once again, but you also run the risk of being banned from the country for extended period of time – even for life.



What Happens When You Have Been Denied Entry


When a person is refused entry to the USA from Canada, they are given a written record of denial, which will explicitly state the exact reasons why that Customs and Border Protection officials did not admit the individual into the country. This is an important document when attempting to rectify the situation during the re-admission process. Below are some reasons why a person may be denied entry into the USA:


  • Criminal Inadmissibility – If you have ever been convicted of a crime, you risk being denied entry into the U.S.A. This is one of the most common reasons that Canadian travellers are given a notice of refusal at the border and sometimes even detained.
  • Lack of a Valid Passport – As of 2008, all Canadians are required to show a valid passport in order to travel to the United States. If you forgot your passport, your passport has expired or will expire prior to your expected date of departure from the United States, you will be forbidden from entering the country.
  • Previous Immigration Violation – If you attempt to cross the border into America or qualify for a US Immigration program via fraudulent means, you risk being denied entry and possibly banned from the country for an extended period of time
  • Planning To Work Without A Permit – If a border official suspects for any reason that you plan to work while in the country without a valid work permit, you will be refused entry at the port of entry.
  • No Intention To Leave – If the Customs and Border Protection staff get any indication that you plan on staying in the country indefinitely, you may also be denied entry at the border.


If you are refused entry into the USA from Canada for any reason, do not panic. Pardons Canada can help you attain a U.S. Entry Waiver (1-192, I-194), taking the stress out of the long and complicated application process.  An I-212 US Entry Waiver is required for those who have overstayed their welcome in the USA and who now wish to visit the USA as a Canadian citizen.  The application process for a US Entry Waiver is complex and can take some time to get approved.  Pardons Canada will help to obtain all of the original court records and RCMP files that are required for the application.  In addition, Pardons Canada will help ensure the application is prepared correctly including personal letters, reference letters and an employment letter that will be acceptable to the Americans for final approval.  Once prepared correctly, the applicant must submit the US entry application personally at any US Canada border.  The Americans will decide how long the US Waiver is valid for, but usually it is from one to five years.  Once expired, one must re-apply for the US Entry Waiver.

Pardons Canada, Flooded with Questions About Trumps Confusing Travel Bans

As a recognized authority, Pardons Canada is frequently contacted by the media, government, and private agencies to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the current pardon/record suspension, file destructions, RCMP purges, and United States Entry Waivers.  No one understands the process, system, and bureaucracy as well as Pardons Canada
Since the changes in the US executive branch of government, we've seen a huge increase in inquiries from both Canadians looking at how new executive orders might affect their travel plans to the US, and for US residents looking to possibly flee from what they call an intolerable political environment.
In the last few weeks, Pardons Canada has provided valuable information to the public and government agencies about how, who, and why certain individuals, perhaps already vulnerable individuals, in our society get banned from travel.
When people get the information they need, they can make better decisions about themselves and their family.

Entering the US with fingerprints on file at local Canadian police service

A client emailed saying they had been fingerprinted before for a criminal charge, but 6 months ago was able to get a file destruction from Pardons Canada (they had no criminal convictions). They travelled to the US many times since and have never been questioned.  But when they went to the US a few days ago and the border guard asked for the first time ever "have you been finger printed” they weren't sure how to answer.
The Americans do random criminal checks and they also ask that question “have you been fingerprinted?”.  Since you no longer have a criminal record and you have never been stopped by the Americans in the past it is unlikely they will see anything so there is no need to bring it to their attention.  If you have not gotten your criminal record removed and they do a criminal check, they have the right to deny you entry to the US.  Once you are denied entry to the US, then you require a US Entry Waiver (I-192 or I 194) to return.  This is a more complicated application and the costs can be high.


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